Quality Improvement Strategies Adopted By The Institution For Each Of The Following:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Examination and Evaluation
  • Research and Development
  • Library, ICT and physical infrastructure / instrumentation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Faculty and Staff recruitment
  • Industry Interaction / Collaboration

Our few faculties contribute as BOS Members various universities & as per university guidelines, Curricular Made by college.

Regular Classes, Attendance, Test, Tutorial, group Discussion, Seminars etc.

As per University Guidelines & Rules Faculties are encouraged and Supported to participate International, National, State Level Conferences, Seminars & Workshops.

Some faculties are guided to Ph.D. Students. Books, Journals, News papers, Computer Laboratory, Reading Room and Sport Equipments are available.

Management Executive, LMC, Principal, Superintendent, Office Staff, all subject Heads, Various committees NSS PO & Voluntaries Well Qualified faculty and Staff recruited as per requirements.